Teaching Ability

driving test theory 

This section of the course will test your ability to provide high quality instructions and to indicate whether you can pass on this knowledge to your students. There are two parts to this test, each taking half an hour and to pass overall, both sections must be passed.

The first section of the test sees you needing to show your sills by providing clear an practical instructions to an examiner who will play a beginner driver and then the examiner will play the role of a driver who is about to undertake the standard test.


In this section, the examiner will choose one of the following exercises:

  • Safety precautions on entering the car and explanation of the controls
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Reversing and reversing into limited openings to the right or left
  • Turn in the road - Parking close to the kerb
  • Emergency stop and use of mirrors
  • Approaching and turning corners
  • Judgement of speed, making progress and general road positioning
  • Dealing with road junctions  
  • Dealing with crossroads
  • Dealing with pedestrian crossings and giving correct signals in a clear and unmistakable manner
  • Overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of other road users, allowing adequate clearance.

You will need to show that you can provide advice to the pupil at their level of understanding and in the allotted time. You can aid this process by determining what knowledge the student has by observing and asking questions. This is standard procedure for dealing with new students.

You will be judged on:

  • The method, clarity, adequacy of instruction given
  • The observation, analysis and correction of faults committed by the pupil
  • The general tone and manner.

You will be required to be patient, be encouraging and to have control at all times. You will need to pay attention to road conditions and external factors.

With Nowidrive…

Our instructor trainers will provide key support for this part of the course, mainly in car due to the practical nature of this section and we will provide group sessions to learn from one another. We will supply you with books and guides for this part and you also have access to a training vehicle for personal practice.