Theory & Hazard Perception

Hazard Perception 

Multiple Choice Theory

For every question you will receive 4 options and you need to select the correct option. There may be more than 1 answer to some questions and it is possible to flag some questions to come back to later. There are 100 questions to answer and you have an hour and a half to answer them in.

The four sections for the test are:

  • road procedure
  • traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians, basic mechanical knowledge
  • driving test, disabilities, law
  • publications, instructional techniques

To pass you will need to score an overall 85% but there is also a need to score a minimum of 80% in every section.

Hazard Perception

This section contains 14 videos, all with a minimum of 1 developing hazard but one clip will have two. You need to react to the hazard as early as possible and it is possible to score a mark of 5 for each question. You only have 1 chance to answer each hazard and you need to score at least 57 out of the total of 75.

With Nowidrive…

For this section, you can have one to one sessions, group activities and you will have the chance to study at home. We provide books, aids and guides to aid your learning at home.